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Royal Steering Wheels. Search. Primary Menu Skip to content. Search for: ... OEM parts, Re-Trim service, Repairs, Customizing etc. All Vehicles – All makes, Racing, Vans, Trucks etc. Upgrading Plastic to Leather Complex service including fitting New OEM steering wheel for sale.

Trim your Steering Wheel. We can professionally re-trim plastic or old looking leather steering wheels to the highest quality standards. We use the the best quality materials (automotive leather & alcantara) and are able to make steering wheels in OEM style as well as we do custom orders.

We offer professional vehicle steering wheel re-trim and repair service to OEM specification for all makes and models including vintage, classic, racing and modern cars. While using genuine manufacturers materials to match textures and colors - there are optional choices of stitching and leather colors starting from only 175£ including VAT for steering wheel retrim .

Before ordering please read through the options below and let us know which option is the best for you. Customer’s steering wheel re-trim. This option means you remove and send your wheel to us.

Hi , i have a mercedes s class steering wheel that is a part wood, part leather. The leather is a brown/tan colour and is damaged, i need to re-leather the wheel in a grey colour.

Here at Edge Automotive we can recondition your worn steering wheels. We can offer a wide range of materials for your Steering Wheel Retrim, including Leather and Alcantara. We can do more then just a standard retrim too, we could change the colour of the stitching, or use a completley different material all together.

Page 1 of 2 - Steering Wheel Retrim - posted in Tuning and Modifications: Hi all, just joined after having my RS3 for nearly a year. Im looking at getting my steering wheel retrimmed in black alcantara.

Keep trying to get hold of Jack at Royal Wheels you won't be disappointed with the result. Look at the other thread on here regarding Royal Wheels steering wheel refurbs. Someone has put up current costs for having a steering wheel refurbished by Royal, so try contacting Tiggy Design to see how they compare, then make your decision.

South Australia is lucky to have Holden Commodores and Mitsubishi Magna's made locally. There is a lot of expertise in the State. Planetsoarer can now offer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality leather re-trim of Soarer and Celsior steering wheels (or any car wheel) for $190 + postage and handling.

Reupholstering a Steering Wheel: A step by step on how to restore an old steering wheel. Items required. ... I have an old "The Other Luxury German Marque" rim that's seen much better days to mod onto it. Wanted to re-trim the gator to match. Many thanks, cracking job. 0. Timmybighands. 6 years ago on Step 11. Reply ...