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A side return extension can be a really cost-effective way of creating more space and adding value to your property without eating into your precious garden space.

The side return extension is one of the most common domestic building projects. The millions of terraced houses that define so much of our urban landscape are ripe for this addition, but side return extensions need to be thought through properly.. Get it wrong and this ‘improvement’ is not just disappointing, but can damage the light, flow and quality of your existing space rather than ...

Side Return Kitchen Extension Ideas Victorian Terraced House. Doing a Side Return Extension in a Victorian House, Part 3m quite drawn to the idea of a refurb project and have been thinking about buying something with potential return extension.

How much does a house extension cost? We get asked this question a lot, so, we thought it worthy of its own post! It’s not an easy question to answer and obviously depends on a number of factors (etc, etc…), but that’s not the answer you’re looking for is it?

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22 in. Soft-Close Full Extension Ball Bearing Side Mount Drawer Slide Set

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Building an extension is one of the most popular home improvements homeowners undertake. It is a great way to add some much needed extra space (and value) without having to move house.