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How to reset maintenance required light on 2004-2015 Toyota Camry: 2007-2015. With vehicle ignition switched to ON position, make sure odometer is showing “Tripmeter A”, then turn the ignition switch to OFF position. Push and hold the TRIP reset or MODE button. While holding reset button, switch ignition to ON position.

Every 5,000 miles, the maintenance light will come on in your vehicle. That lets you know it’s time to bring your vehicle in for an oil change. However, if you want to reset a Toyota Camry maintenance light manually, simply take the following steps: Turn your vehicle on and make sure the odometer reading is being displayed. Turn your vehicle off.

Press and hold the Trip Odometer Reset button, and turn the ignition switch to the “On” position. If your car has START push-button, press the “Start” twice without touching the brake pedal. Continue to hold down the Trip Odometer Reset button until “000000” MILES appears on the display and the maintenance light turns off.

Quick walk through on how to reset the Maintenance Required Light on a Toyota Camry model year 2016.

Step 3: Continue holding the odometer button with the key in position 2 for approximately 10 seconds. The maintenance light should begin to flash (there may be a beeping sound) and will go out. Step 4: When the maintenance light has gone out, take your finger off the odometer button and turn the key to start your vehicle.

'MAINT REQD' How to Reset Maintenance Required Light on Toyota Camry Disabling / Reseting / Switching Off a Maintenance Required (Maint Reqd) Light Toyota Camry. Every 5,000 miles an oil change indicator light that reads, "MAINT REQD" is automatically switched on in theToyota Camry.

When your Toyota Camry is in need of an oil change or other service, the maintenance light may turn on on your vehicle’s dashboard. If you want know how to turn off the maintenance light on your Toyota Camry, the team at Toyota of North Miami has your covered.