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Champion Canine Outfitters seat belt system is USA made and equally as strong as the leading brand. Following extensive research and testing, we created a system that offers you the convenience and versatility of a quick-release design, and your dog the protection and comfort of a specially engineered safety harness.

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BUDDY BELT has enhanced the lives of thousands of dogs and their owners. In many cases, it has actually saved lives

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From puppies to senior dogs, purebreed dogs to mutts and easy to train pets to bad dogs, check out our dog section for video, our dog breed selector and more.

The Dog Seat Belt by Pet Gear is a comfortable, adjustable belt that connects a harness to a seat belt lock. The belt keeps dogs safe and secure in the car making travelling with pets a pleasant and safe experience.

Welcome to NeoPaws where you can find an exclusive range of products to keep your pet safe and comfortable year round! Our products include Dog Boots, Shoes, Jackets ...

We created our own crash test dogs for the purpose of researching and developing pet product designs to ensure that they meet Sleepypod’s high standards for safety.

Canvas Prairie Belt. Handmade in my shop, not imported! 3" wide belt with 2" wide loops sewn on. 36 loops standard, let me know if you want more or less. 45/70 standard. 12 gauge and other calibers available.