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WARN PullzAll 120 Volt Handheld Electric Pulling Tool Winch — 1,000-Lb. Capacity, Model# 885000

Dutton-Lainson StrongArm 120 Volt AC Powered Electric Winch with Remote — 1,800-Lb. Capacity, Galvanized Aircraft Cable, Model# SA7015AC

Use this manual for 120 Volt AC Models with Remote (hand-held) Switch: SA5015AC, SA7015AC, SA9015AC, SA12015AC. Note: The model numbers on the winch decal do not include “15”, which indicates that a remote switch has been installed. These winches are identified on the decal as SA5000AC/SA7000AC or SA9000AC/SA12000AC.

Attention all Hand Crank Winch Owners!! Are you thinking about Installing an Add-On Winch Unit? Read This Before Making Your Decision: After 12/13 Years of Manufacturing and Testing Add-On winch units we found that in more then 88% of all brands of hand crank winch units out on the market that where "Converted" to a Add-On winch unit that replaces the Large Wheel - that after 2/3 years the ...

1500 LB 115 Volt AC Winch (new in the box) Equipped with an industrial grade 12 ft hand held wired remote with a built-in re-settable circuit breaker and emergency stop winch.

The Auto Pump AC AD is an 091-9B-1 Auto Pump with an Automatic Drain installed. A normally open solenoid valve drains the moisture from the trap each time the compressor shuts down.

Powerwinch 12 Volt Marine Boat Trailer Winch 315, 4000 LB. Easily retrieves lightweight and fishing boats up to 17' and 4000 lbs. 12 volt, electric cable winch featuring smooth power-in/freewheel out action for fastest retrieval speeds.

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Video Transcript for Master Lock Electric Trailer Winch Review. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Master Lock Electric Trailer Winch, part #2953AT.

Bulldog Winch Quick-Connect Set for Powersports w/Dust Cover - 6 AWG. Item # BDW20047 (3 Reviews)