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Ac unit repair cost factors name air conditioning jpg views 36453 size 58 9 kb repairing an air conditioner ac condenser typically involves replacing or fixing one more parts that make up this complex component. Pics of : Air Conditioner Coil Leak Repair Cost In India

221 posts. re: Home air conditioner a/c evap coil labor costPosted by db4lsu on 9/26/11 at 10:58 am to Captain Want. had the coil replaced on my inside unit about a month ago and labor cost was about $500, if i remember right. Unit was still under parts warranty but i still had labor costs.

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    Thanks to Ato Guy Benfante, Chesapeake, VA 8 26 07 for the photograph of an ice blocked air conditioning system evaporator coil and for his suggestion that we provide an air conditioning system troubleshooting FAQ. Thanks to reader Don Jackson for HVAC refrigerant leak soldering repair tips Aug Sept 2008 ..

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    This air conditioner repair cost guide will give you a clear idea of how much a repair will cost before you call an HVAC professional. Specific issues cove.

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    I am wondering what a rough estimate would be for replacing an evaporator coil in a central AC unit that is under warranty. We just had this repair done and it came in at over $1200, which seems very high considering the labor rate is only $100 and it took 3 hours to fix. The repairman did indicate that there was a $250 charge for recovering the freon, tough this sounds ridiculous as well and .

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    I have only used my AC for 2 seasons, now it blows room temp AC. I was told it had a leak, and although the part is covered by warranty, there is no coverage for labor. Its a 5 hour job, and it will cost $1762 in labor and comsumables to get the job done..